Contest View Tab

To access the Contest View, click on a contest from within the Election View, Precinct View, or Candidate View.  You'll see the Contest View entry highlighted on the Home page.  




The Contest View displays a list of all contests in the currently-displayed election.  This information appears in the left margin of the view.  From this list, you can select other contests to display.





View Menu - The View Menu displays View options that can be selected. These options include:


Election View - Accessed when you click on an election from the Home page, this view shows all contests within the selected election.  The order in which contests are displayed can be customized using the Group function.


Contest View - Click this menu selection from the Election View, Precinct View, or Candidate View. This view displays all contests in the currently-displayed election.


Precinct View - The Precinct View is accessed by clicking on an precinct name in the Contest View or Candidate View. The list of all precincts for the current election appear in the left margin of the view.


Candidate View - This view, accessed by clicking on any candidate in the Election Summary View, Contest View, or Precinct View, displays a list of all candidates for the selection.


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Contest View Tab

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Candidate View Tab


image2.gif Election Name -  The name of the election you selected appears here.
image3.gif Contest List - A complete list of all selectable contests appears here with the currently-displayed contest highlighted in red.
image4.gif Report - The report for the contest you selected appears here.
image6.gif Election Statistic Summary - A summary of information about the election that includes:
  • Election
  • Number of Ballots Cast
  • Jurisdiction
  • Number of Blank Ballots Cast
  • Date of Election
  • Voter Turnout Percentage
  • Number of Registered Voters


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image8.gif Report Format - You can generate reports easily by simply selecting a format (Microsoft Word MS_Word.jpg, Microsoft Excel , Excel_Button.jpg or Adobe PDF PDF_Button.jpg formats.
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image10.gif Filter - Filters allows you to limit the view of results to a specific party, contest, or precinct, alone or in combination.   

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image11.gif Edit Filters -  Displays a filter selection page in which you can select display only the information you wish to see.
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