Setting Multiple Filters Simultaneously

Integra makes it easy to set multiple filters so that you can hone in on just the data you wish to see.


To Activate Multiple Filters


  1. Be sure you have selected the applicable election/contest.  In the Filter section of the main page, click the Edit Filters button.

  2. In the page that displays, all available filters by party, contest and precinct are displayed.  

    NOTE:   If a check mark appears next to a filter, it indicates the filter is currently active. To de-activate the filter, see Clearing Filters.


  1. Select all filters that you wish to use to tailor the information displayed to exactly what you want to view, by clicking the empty check box next to the filter.

  1. Repeat step 3 to select any remaining filters you wish to apply to the election data.

  2. Click the Save Filters button. The selected filters are now active.  Note that all active filters are applied to the data if it is exported.

  3. When you return to the main screen, notice that the information displayed is now filtered based on the filters that you selected.  Also note that the filters by party, contract and/or precinct are denoted by a green check mark in the Filter section of the page.




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